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$ 14 95
ISBN 978-0-9820587-8-7
Paperback: 5.5" X 8.5"
164 pages
Once again there is heart-filled poetry that captures the imagination. Poetic Evolution, the sequel to My Pain, My Passion My Poetry, gives you refreshingly inspirational literature. This book masterfully captures the perpetual growth of a poet and his ever-changing view on life. Using his talents and wordsmith capabilities, LaVar J. Henry reminds you of the arts in the form of poetry, painting you remarkable pictures in words. Poetic Evolution inspires you to read and to once again find love in poetry.
"Poetic Evolution" is the 2nd book in a series entitled “From Worldly to Righteous”.
$ 14 95
ISBN 9780981691404
Paperback; 5.5" X 8.5"
168 pages
The book “My Pain, My Passion, My Poetry written by LaVar J. Henry is a must read. Filled with substance and diversity, this book’s poetic stories will leave you craving more. Experience the refreshing power of poetry written with raw emotion and feeling. Witness the passion and the pain of this collection of poems.
"My Pain, My Passion, My Poetry" is the 1st book in a series entitled “From Worldly to Righteous”.


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This is the name of the series:
From Worldly to Righteous
Titles in
From Worldly to Righteous”:
My Pain, My Passion, My Poetry
  • 1st book in series
  • Now Available
Poetic Evolution
  • 2nd book in series
  • Available in the summer of 2009
Poetic Gospel
  • 3rd book in series
  • Not Available- TBA
Testimony: The Poet’s Pain to
  • 4th book in series
  • Not Available- TBA
    Legacy of Life

By LaVar J. Henry

My life does not reside in a box
My world is real
My dramas are spun in the webs of reality
And a jester, named Love, has cut me and healed my scars
As a poet,
I am bound to the cavities of my heart
Strapped to my pen is my soul
And in the wind I write the words:
From Worldly to Righteous
In my poems, you will find truths
Un-doctored and un-sugar-coated experiences and views
For this is my life:
Every blemish and every hurt
Every kiss and every curse
But I give my testimony
For it is a tribute to God
I bear scars of imperfections
My poems are my opinions
You can believe my words are my feelings
But I minster to my own shadow
And I scream to a shaded rock
I try not to offend the masses,
Not everyone can stomach my past
But I write, though I know, there is a brick in your hand
Stone me not,
I ask of you
Hear me out;
My story is not through
For everyday, my soul renews
Thus these books I write
And this legacy of poems continues…
Copyright 2009 by LaVar J. Henry
From the Book: Poetic Gospel


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